Jeo’s Story: El Nido Tour Guide

El Nido Skyline Travel and Tours is a local company specialising in excursions around the stunning locality of El Nido, Palawan Island in the Philippines, renowned for its amazing landscapes, seascapes and natural beauty.

Jeo Invento has been a tour guide for El Nido Skyline Travel and Tours for over 5 years now and has lived in the area his whole life.  Jeo grew up just an hour from El Nido and fished in the waters offshore as a child with his father. His knowledge of the area, both on land and at sea is one of the assets he brings to El Nido Skyline Travel and Tours. Jeo says, “I have the best job in the world.”

The clients who sign up with Skyline are young international tourists in their late teens to mid-twenties for the most part. There is a choice of four different island hopping tours on offer, each giving tourists a wide variety of experiences and scenery.  It’s hard to choose between the various lagoons, islands, beaches, caves and rock formations that each tour includes, especially with enticing names like Secret Lagoon and Paradise Beach, Hidden Beach and Cathedral Cave.

“A lot of our guests take advantage of the package deals,” says Jeo.  “They include air conditioned accommodation with breakfast each morning, all transfers, an island hopping tour that visits 5 different destinations, BBQ lunches and snorkelling gear. We do 3 day excursions, up to a 5 day holiday that includes 3 different island hopping tours. There are a few different types of accommodation in El Nido, from backpacker budget rooms to private rooms with bathrooms and modern hotel type accommodation. ”

Jeo’s friendly manner and local knowledge make him popular with tourists.  He is very eager to share information about the beaches, fishing and marine life, the local restaurants and the special culture of Palawan Island.  “Our guests really enjoy the sunny weather and clear waters of El Nido.  They love that it’s not over-crowded with tourists too.  The El Nido area is still a fairly quiet destination.  All our boat crews who go out with the tourists are funny, cool guys.  It makes for an enjoyable time. International tourists enjoy travelling out to the islands in a traditional Philippine outrigger and we try a bit of fishing too.  There is also an inland tour to visit a waterfall that we do on motorbikes.”

Young people like to try new things as well as see new places.  One such challenge is to try the local cuisine when visiting a new country.  “Balut is the traditional name for 2 week old chicken egg and it’s a common street food of the Philippines,” Jeo says.  “It is also known to be a Filipino hang-over cure that some young party goers dare each other to try.”

More popular dishes include Pork Sinigang, a sour soup that uses pork as the main ingredient and is flavoured with Tamarind, chili pepper, radish, taro, string beans and eggplant.  Longsilog is a popular breakfast dish in the Philippines and consists of pork sausage, fried rice and fried egg served with a side dish of fresh tomatoes or cucumber.

The natural beauty of El Nido sells the place to tourists.  Uncomplicated activities that embrace the simplicity of the natural landscape are the most popular pastimes for visitors. Jeo says, “This place is so picturesque, visitors are happy to just spend time kayaking, swimming in the clear waters, bike riding, climbing mountains or just sitting on a beach watching the sunset.”

Jeo Invento, Tour Guide for El Nido Skyline Travel and Tours.

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